Frequently asked questions about the program

Why should I put my child in abacus program?

It is very important that a children of today is subjected to a greater competitive environment and he has to be slightly ahead of his peers.


How will the program help my child?

Our children of today’s scenario have to face a competitive world in front of them. Every child is unique and has its own capabilities in studying and understanding. Most of the children lag behind because of these given reasons

1. Does not concentrate in class

2. Does not like the subject

3. Fear of the subject

4. lack of memory power

A child does not concentrate in class is because he /she does not understand the subject and gets bored in class.

Liking for the subject mainly depends on the teacher, teaching methodology and eagerness to learn.

The abacus learning improves the concentration of the child thereby allowing him to listen in the class more effectively and understand the lesson better. The concentration develops because the child is used to see the abacus daily which consists of a very small frame and manipulate the beads and find answers. Here the child’s concentration power is restricted to a small area for a stipulated time. This enhances his concentration and thus his  focus on one particular thing improves.

Secondly talking about memory power

The child reads something and it gets registered in the potable memory area.

The child has to retain it for a long time till he faces an exam

Thirdly the child has to recall it back to write on the paper.

Here our abacus plays a very significant role. When we teach the children in the abacus techniques we teach him about reading, retaining and retention  or recalling.

Also with the different operations which we teach them with the abacus enables his brain to work more effectively so as to retain the matter which he studied , for a longer time in his memory. Because whatever he had studied will be in the form of visuals.


What is the correct age to start abacus training?

Early experience and interaction with the environment are most critical in a child’s brain development.

A 3-year-old toddler’s brain is twice as active as an adult’s brain.

It is better to provide the  children with the best opportunity for learning and growth during the periods when their minds are most ready to absorb new information is important.

Hence it is ideal to start the program between  5-9 years.

Will the curriculum method have a clash between what they are learning at school?

There are distinct differences in the two methods. However, if a child is able to start the program prior to, or concurrent with, being taught traditional methods, there is minimal conflict and the child will easily work within both systems. If a child starts the program at a later age, having already received traditional foundations, there may be a slight extended learning period for the child to accept and integrate the imagery method. In our system we use arithmetic as a number-based concept to help the child overcome phobias and difficulties with numbers that they may have been exposed to through learning in a rote method or abstract way

What is Brain train / Brain Tune Up?

These types of training are very special forms of brain energizing exercises to help prepare students to learn. Our research has shown that such mental activities enhance children’s confidence and self-esteem to perform much better in all their daily assignments. It also helps to release mental stress, mental blocks and integrates both functions of the brain hemispheres to work holistically. The children find these exercises interesting and joyful and it makes him learn our concepts better.

In what way is your course different from any other like UCMAS,ALOHA ETC.,?

Of course all these institutes train children in abacus methodology.

But our program is unique in its own.

We don’t ask our students to memorise any formulae.

Our children learn all mathematical operations in a easy verbal format so it is a lot more easier.

We teach brain train exercises along with curriculum.

There is not much of pressure in our program because the curriculum is mostly in a play way method with a lot of activities.

My child is scoring low marks in maths. Will this program help him in scoring high marks in maths?

Yes . Of course. But can I ask you a question? IS it enough for him to score well in maths alone and fail in other subjects?

Ours is a whole brain development program not a maths program as you think.

When the concentration ,memory power and visualising capacity increases a child id able to farewell in whatever he reads ,be it maths science, English or history.

So please don’t consider this as a maths program. Ours is not a tuition program in maths.

Maths skills comes as a add on benefit because we use arithmetic in our abacus techniques.

In how many months after enrolling can I see a difference in my kid’s performance?

You can see improvement in your child’s performance only he completes his 3rd level in our institute.

Also learning capability of each child is unique and some children will show results more early.

Is it enough if he works with the abacus on class?

No. A constant touch of the abacus is needed daily in the primary levels to enhance his learning ability. The child has to work on the abacus daily for atleast 15 minutes at home .

Do we also have to learn the abacus technique to teach our children at home?

Not necessary.We will ensure that a child’s understands a particular concept  and then only proceed with the next concept  so that you will not have to train him at home.

But as parents I would request one thing from you.

See to that you child does his practice lessons at home using the abacus.

See that your child practises the given skill exercises daily.

Also ensure you don’t absent your kids from class because then it becomes very difficult for the child to cope up the next week.

This program requires a group learning so it is better for your child to learn in a group rather learning it on one to one basis .

What is the guarantee you would give that I get that you program will improve my child’s performance?

A good question.

Each child is unique and has the same size brain as everyone.

But are all children standing first in class?

Why is it so?

Why are some children average and some below average?

The reason behind this is that the child’s brain power is not tapped and the neurons don’t pair up to make the brain work effectively.

We have to unleash the potential of the child’s brain.

Only way to do this is through abacus program.

If your child comes to our class willingly and learn our methods, do the daily practice ,we are sure that there is guarantee that you child will emerge as a winning genius.