Watch our Grade 3 student Thirumagal use visual abacus to mentally solve challenging math problems with ease



(ages 4-6)

The Little Learners Program is ideal for kindergarten children (ages 4-6 years) to identify texts and numbers and handle simple arithmetic calculations. A specially designed abacus for easy use as well as engaging classroom activities allows children to succeed. Courses are typically 4 months in duration with a total of two levels.


(ages 7-13)

An integrated program developed especially for children between the ages 7-13. This course enhance your child’s ability to perform calculations with greater speed and accuracy. By the end of this program, children will be proficient in computations involving addition, subtraction, multiplication and division without the use of a concrete abacus, or in other words, they will be able to visualize and perform complex calculations without an abacus to assist them. 


(ages 13+)

This program is designed for children who have completed the Young Achievers courses. Building on the accuracy and speed in computation they have gained in Young Achievers, children will become efficient in calculating square root, performing order of operations and as well as complex addition, subtraction, multiplication and division questions with decimal numbers.